Turban–Tips & Style story

I’ve always thought turbans/headwraps are such standout, fashionable features- hence my continuous fascination. And admiration for the woman who wear them. 

Since turbans have not been a very big or tangible part of my fashion environment, I need all the TIPS I can get to make up fashionable turban styles myself.

So naturally, I asked Ms. Turbanic, Uitnei Chamusso to share Tips and How To’s…. for TURBAN THURSDAY’S on #RefashionAfrica. 

First, Here’s how to rock your crown! 

Style – “The Crown”

 For this Tutorial you will need a 1 meter Wumburi (Headscarf) 

  • Ø  STEP 1: Bring the center of your Wumburi to the back of your head, holding each end on yours hands.
  • Ø  STEP 2: Make a tight knot on the center of your forehead, bringing one end to the top and the other to the bottom
  • Ø  STEP 3: Take the top end and cover the top of your head, by tucking in the fabric.
  • Ø  STEP 4: Now take the bottom end, fold it into half into a crown shape, and only tuck the side tips holding the crown firm.
  • Ø  STEP 5: Adjust your Wumburi, making sure it’s firm and tight and ROCK YOUR CROWN!
  • And check picture references for further help.


  • The “Crown Turban Style,” can be done if you have short or long hair. For people with long hair, just tie your hair into a bun and it works perfectly.
  • Your fabric size should at least be 1 meter; it can be more than a meter depending on how much volume you want your turban to have.
  • Many people have asked if Turbans can only done with printed fabric and the answer is NO!  Turbans can be done with neutral colors as well, especially if the rest of our outfit already has prints.
  • But feel free to be risky and have fun with patterns and colors.

Thanks Ms. Turbanic!

“I do think Turbans express a definitive African-Afro style statement that is timeless and distinct. It’s a beautiful iconic look to carry forward into a modern world.”

Refashion Africa.



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