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Turban–Tips & Style story

Double-up on the prints for TURBAN THURSDAY’S on #RefashionAfrica. 

Here we go again, another week , another style from Ms. Turbanic! witneilia_

Here’s how to rock your crown, PRINT ON PRINT!

Style – “printxprint”

For this Tutorial you will need 2 Printed Wumburi´s (Headscarf) of similar colors (1m each)

  • STEP 1: Take your first printed Wumburi, hold it with both hands at the   back of your head, cover the whole of your head by bringing your hands forward, and criss cross at the center of your forehead.
  • STEP 2: Take the two ends and make a tight not at the back of your head. (Pic 1 & 2 ABOVE)
  • STEP 3: Take your second printed Wumburi, hold it with both hands at the back of your head,bring it to the back of your head and make a tight knot of the center of your forehead.
  • STEP 4: Take your right end and tuck it in, then take your left hand and also tuck it in.
  • STEP 5: Adjust your Wumburi, making sure that both Wumburi´s are visible and ROCK YOUR CROWN!

And check picture references above for further help.


  •  When you feel bright-wear bright (yellow is always a good choice)
  •  Match up your turban fabric with your crop top (even if its just similar in color).
  • If you don’t feel like dealing with your hair or are squeezed for time why not ROCK YOUR CROWN.

 Thanks Ms. Turbanic!

“I do think Turbans express a definitive African-Afro style statement that is timeless and distinct. It’s a beautiful iconic look to carry forward into a modern world.”

Refashion Africa.

Check up next week for more Turban Tips and Style


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Be Print Squared for Turban Thursday. Refashion Africa Be Print Squared for Turban Thursday. Refashion Africa